Support my Appearance on CBC’s The National

Big time news interview tomorrow on CBC’s the National. I wanted to share with my supporters the way to watch this show through the Internet. I know lots of people don’t have TV/cable, and watching this show through Facebook will allow you to send your love and support across the screen for everyone else watching. The story about Searyl’s birth certificate has gone real big in the news and igniting conversation on really big platforms. If you agree with what I am saying in the interview you can show the haters that you have my back by hitting the response buttons and bombarding the broadcast with digital love.

With all of the negative responses I remain strong in knowing that in the the big picture love always wins, it has to.

I look forward to seeing your love streams tomorrow (Saturday July 8) at 6 Pacific.


EDIT: For some reason The National doesn’t stream live on Facebook on Saturdays. You should be able to watch it recorded via fb and youtube by about 7pm.


more specifically it should be found here


-Go to CBC News on FB (

-On the left side bar click on Videos

-In the center panel click the following button

-Ask to receive notifications.

-Tomorrow just before 9 EST (6 pacific) You’ll get a notification that the show is about to start,

-Open the live stream through FB and then you can send likes and hearts in support while the show is broadcasting.

-You can also share the show with your friends and followers from within the viewer so folks can hear what’s happening with our case .


Stay tuned for more big media coverage coming soon.

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