Review of Intersection Adult Emporium in Nanaimo, B.C.

Store owner Emma (they/them) and I bond over pronoun buttons and hanky codes.

When I first heard about this new store opening up it looked really exciting, a queer and trans owned sex shop, aiming to sell quality, body safe sex toys, field tested high grade BDSM gear, gender affirming supplies like binders, gafs, packers etc and a selection of queer and anti-oppression literature. Having such a shop has been a long time dream of mine and many of my lovers, something we have mused for days about, sharing about what makes a shop great; our most life/gender/sexuality affirming experiences in places like Venus Envy, Little Sisters, SheBop, WomynsWare, Good for Her or Babes in Toyland. This weekend I got a chance to go up to the store and see for myself, get to know Emma (they/them) a bit better, and buy a bunch of exciting new toy, books and supplies.

Excerpt from Trans/Love the anthology edited by Morty Diamond that I picked up at Intersections. Made Real by Sassafras Lowrey There has never been a time that I felt more human, more a part of this flesh, than when I am fucking. Society would have us convinced that realness is something that can’t be challenged or questioned but if for some reason we don’t see our selves as authentic, we must fix these problems without the assistance of others. My life is not about some self-actualized, pull yourself up by your bootstraps American dream. This is blood and bone, marrow, arteries, tendons and I’ve needed others As complicated as bodies touch, we are molded like soft clay into something resembling a form we can be comfortable enough to live in. Sex is the glue that has held my jigsaw body together. Surrendering to the touch of another has brought me back to self; it’s given me back the body I lost to abuse and dysphoria, it has in fact made me real. I can mark the journey towards embodiment in the memory of my lovers’ hands.

I was happy to pick up and devour a copy of Trans/Love, an anthology on sexuality beyond the binary, edited by Morty Diamond and featuring pieces by a wide range of trans authors. While many experiences written about are vastly different than mine, there are certain pieces that really stand out as holding big important life affirming truths. I love the anthology format as it suits the diversity of trans experiences and my relatively short attention span.

Another piece that Emma has really put care into in the shop is sourcing toys like the Buck Angel stroker, that are pleasure devices specifically designed by and for transmasculine bodies. This toy has been written about and reviewed extensively, many folks love it, and I am joining that club. It works great for a variety of wanking styles, and is a relatively cheap device to try out at a price point under 40.

All the prices in intersection are super reasonable, and while they have sourced high quality gear that comes with the price tag to match, (like island hand crafted, Bound2Please leather works) they also have cheaper “entry level” things for folks who may not be ready for a big cash drop.

Emma also made a point of showing me a line of vibes that are 100% non gendered in their packaging, marketing, etc. So i got this one(Fin by Dame Products) that goes between the fingers and straps on, adding vibration to the natural stroke of one’s hand. It is simple, just 3 speeds, no patterns or anything.  The motor is decent enough, and the design is super clever. I will need to practice using it more to figure out how to prevent its finger strap from popping off at inopportune times. I am excited to move away from a world of batteries and cords, and Intersection stocks a variety of fully rechargeable toys including vibes from a mini lipstick all the way up to a cordless Hitachi.

If you have money to spend on sex toys, I highly recommend making the trip to Nanaimo to go see Emma and have the chance to support a small brick and mortar carrying on such an important queer tradition. They are knowledgeable, easy to talk to, willing to source and arrange custom orders and excited about the ways their shop will serve the island as not only a shop, but also a community hub and a resource. A store meeting the needs of queers, trans folks and kinksters, run by someone who knows from the inside the needs we have.

Go spend your money there.

I stand in front of a wall of collars, ball gags, floggers, chest harnesses, whips and crops. High quality, body safe, sourced and sold by an experienced and knowledgable BDSM player.


See the store’s website here:


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