Hello Darkness My Old Friend,



It seems that while post-partum depression is widely understood to be a real phenomenon that affects lots’ of new parents, our society still sucks at dealing with it. I’ve been asked a few times lately if I’m “Doin alright?”.  The answer is, “yeah, for the most part.” Cause I have had lots of practice learning how to deal with big overwhelming feelings. I think I have lucked out on not being totally swallowed by a depressive monster in the ways that some new parents are.


Over the last 15 years I have come to know my own mood fluctuations and intensities. I have learned management strategies that take work, but make a difference. I get out of the house, I go see people, find myself amongst friendly faces and folks who are happy to hold my baby for a few minutes so I can see them at enough distance to really see how tiny they are, I do things that allow me to feel joy and hold space for sadness to exist too.

In an effort to support our communities to really develop and practice effective strategies of self and community care I made an episode of Sex, Drugs and How We Roll that explores this. You can listen to this episode and all the others here: https://soundcloud.com/ankors-frontdesk

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