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I’ve done a couple guest spots on other peoples podcasts lately and wanted to thank Christian and Rhoneil for having me on your shows and link folks to where they can listen to them.

You can listen to the WooCast, with Rhoneil and Leesa Dean here on Soundcloud. It’s a conversation about Saturn, when and how it returns and some of our insights and feels about it. The WooCast is a production of

Christian is a part of PrideSchool Atlanta and hosts on Back2Us Radio. Our conversation is about transness, parenting, solidarity, fascism, paradigm shift, organizing and cooperating. It’s still being processed on their end for official posting – but you can preview it here.


If you want to collaborate on making radio or podcasts – HMU! I’m always stoked to find more people who are down to join me on my show on KootenayCoopRadio, Sex, Drugs and How We Roll and am generally down to rif on a recording about a wide range of juicy topics with the right company.

Lately I have had some real solid guests on the show and if you haven’t been listening… well don’t say I didn’t tell you. You can catch up on the Ankors Frontdesk channel on Soundcloud. 

Check out some of the richness directly:

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