Learning Online

Are you wanting to expand your perceptions, knowledge base and networks?

I’m excited to provide a variety of ways to learn with me through the magic of the internet!

Resilience Building for Trans Folks and Our Allies Online Class: This class is an 8 week online offering for trans folks and our supporters. 100$ tuition, scholarships available. This is a trans-centered learning space, where cis folks wanting to develop solidarity and support skills are welcome. Folks with greater access are strongly encouraged to pay into supporting scholarship opportunities for trans folks with greater barriers.

Personal Coaching: I book appointments over skype to support your personal growth.

My Blog: Here you can find my online musings. Often long and weaving many threads, I attempt to articulate cracks in the matrix, sprouts making their way through those cracks and the possible magical kingdoms that could exist at the tops of those beanstalks.

Sex, Drugs and How We Roll Podcasts: I have been producing Sex, Drugs and How We Roll for ANKORS since 2013. Each week I engage community radio listeners in conversations pertaining to sexual health, harm reduction and community wellness topics. Each show is about one hour and can be streamed or downloaded from Soundcloud.

Harm Reduction Training Videos: These videos were made as a part of my work with YouthCO and ANKORS.