What People Say…

Finding the right person to work with as you map out a big transition or life shift can be really challenging.

I hope that reading some of the feedback I have had from past clients will help give you a sense of what sessions with me can involve and feel like.




I really enjoyed my coaching session with Kori Doty.


Kori is insightful yet practical, has an ease that makes anyone comfortable, and can speak to a new definition of success. Grounded, intelligent, fun, Kori led me to find some great actionable ways to move forward.

Unabashedly inspiring…a provocative and practical coaching session about the landscape of your own success.

-Scarlet Mary Rose, Country Fabulous Glamour Queen, Winlaw, BC

I first met Kori during a key turning point in my life. There was something immediately familiar about them, like a lost sibling or relative.

Since that time I’ve had the opportunity to work collaboratively and share space with Kori in a number of different community roles and capacities.

They have been open and emotionally available for me at times of need and on an ongoing basis are an inspiration to my exploration of gender identity, relationships, roles and social issues.

In various ways Kori has been a part of my discovery that there are others who share a similar struggle, identity, vision, and taste of clothing and music.

-N. Nelson, BC




The afternoon has flown by! My usual tangled mess of thoughts is transforming into fertile ground.

As strange as this reads, I sense a powerful change within, I really can be my authentic self, my people love me back, I have the skills to learn and grow and be present in my life. Life itself is in constant flux in all the ways and it’s very much allowed to be this way.

Kori’s one-on-one discussions are priceless and powerful just like you. So please, check them out! Seek, transition, be still, fierce, proud or quietly you. But you will absolutely benefit from investing in this.

Invest-igating you.

-S. Canberra, Australia.



If you think we’d be a complimentary match and you would like to book a session with me (in person in the Slocan Valley, Mondays in Nelson or worldwide via skype) just send me an email to koridoty@gmail.com and we can figure out what that will look like.