Hi there!

tumblr_nl27zvl7dw1u3f5h0o1_540I’m Kori. I’m a community educator living in Sinixt Territory in occupied British Columbia, Canada. I am a non-binary genderqueer trans person with more than a decade of community facilitation experience. I have specialized in sexual health, harm reduction, community organizing, technical knowledge exchange and radical approaches to wellness.

I use “they/them/their” pronouns.

Recently I left my non-profit job in favour of exploring independent work as a community educator and personal coach. For me this work involves:

It is my goal to incite revolution through imagination and play. So, do you want to play with me?

How exactly does one come to do this work? This is a bit of my story of how I got here. As I blog about some of these things I will link in these stories in more detail.

I grew up in a fairly conservative protestant church in a pretty quaint neighbourhood in a small city on an island in the unceded territory of the Coast Salish people. As a kid I was really involved in organizing amongst my peers and in church. When I was 17 I left home for a year on an international exchange, started reading and exploring outside the small world I had come from. I learned to drink and kiss girls and question authority. Within a few years of that I had lived on the road, had my first group sex experience, started exploring psychedelics and was on my way towards the words I would later mind comfort and identity in. Words like trans, genderqueer, queer, pansexual, polyamourous, butch, femme, non-binary, gender rebel, psychonaut, and witch were all around the next bend.

I spent most of my twenties organizing and facilitating as a volunteer or non-profit employee, with a big focus in sexual health and harm reduction workshops. I’ve struggled with mental illness, explored gender transitions, explored fertility + pregnancy, lived with a connective tissue disorder, and pursued healing in many modalities including recovering from being hit by a car on my bike. I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve hurt and been hurt, I’ve fucked up and I’ve tried to keep learning.

Nerding out on learning has actually been a huge focus in my life. You can learn more about where I did all this learning by reading the list at the bottom of this page. Now I am really stoked on finding ways to share the tools I have collected with people who are seeking them. I am really excited to work with people who are on journeys of self discovery including psychedelic awakenings, gender explorations + transitions, coming out and other big life changes.



Valued learning spaces I hold appreciations for:

Teachers, ancestors and leaders of path including:

I have over a decade of experience of facilitating groups of all sorts, from after school groups, anti-homophobia/transphobia workshops, sexual health and harm reduction presentations and using popular education and Theatre of the Oppressed practices. Including

I have presented at conferences + gatherings including

I have played a leadership role in the delivery of ANKORS harm reduction services at Shambhala Music festival since 2013, including training volunteers in best practice and service delivery of educational info, re-agent tests and destigmatizing conversations about recreational, medicinal and ceremonial substance use.

I have also facilitated workshops with college students, health care service providers, teachers, youth leaders and queer community groups.

I am a complainant on the BC Human Rights challenge aiming to change gender markers on birth certificates with lawyer barbara findlay.

I have community based experience in personal coaching and support, specifically around gender, sexuality, healing, political work and substance use including harm reduction and psychedelic support.

I produce a weekly community radio show/podcast called Sex, Drugs and How We Roll. I have also written for websites like scarleteen.com with my partner and collaborator Andi Grace.