Glitter Rebellion

Glitter Rebellion was a workshop where participants were invitedonut

d to connect to the resilience that lives in their bones, blood and spirits. Those of us who fight the patriarchy, glitterbomb homophobia and work tirelessly to free our genders from binaries all carry timeless rebellion in our hearts, whether from our blood ancestors, or from our ancestors of struggle. In this learning space we invited folks of all genders and sexual orientations to gather together, create, play, explore, connect, be consensually vulnerable and tell stories. The work sought to vision both our histories of rebellion and the gifts we wished to cultivate in offering to those who will call us their ancestors.

This workshop space prioritized imagination, intuition, visions, dream world escapades, magic, creativity and play as primary learning modalities.
Your hosts were andi grace and Kori Doty as well as the local space organizers we partnered with.  Neither facilitators considered themselves experts on this topic, but rather saw themselves as willing space holders. Workshop participants explored their ancestral magic connections through visual art and movement exploration as well as narrative exploration and collective story sharing.


Glitter Rebelion toured to Winlaw, Squamish, Vancouver and Victoria in 2016.