Learning Pods

I encourage folks to get together with other students for lesson times. I believe that having pods of students working together creates community building opportunities and also enhances the engagement that can happen without the technical limitations of a screen and internet connection.

If you are not connected to other folks in your region, but you are willing to be connected to a pod, I can help those connections happen. Pods should be between 2 and 9 people. Some pods are groups that already work or organize together. Consider enrolling in the course with your PFLAG chapter, equality alliance, campus queer organization, parents group, church community or coop group.  Learners without peers in their region or who have access restrictions that prevent working in a group will also be welcome and included.

Pods organizing together can discuss community supported learning arrangements wherein learners with greater access can subsidize the tuition of learners with greater financial barriers. For more about what inspires this idea for me, read this.

For example: if 8 people were going to learn in a pod together, and 3 of them were financially comfortable allies, 2 were trans people with reasonably reliable income, and 3 were unemployed, on disability or facing other financial barriers the group could pay 800 dollars broken down like this:

  • financially comfortable allies =180-200 each
  • trans people with reasonably reliable income = 100 each
  • folks with financial barriers = 0-20$ each

Please be in touch about how I can help support the formation and logistical arrangements of your learning pod.