Resilience Building for Trans Folks and Our Allies

Dismantling Toxic Mythology- Building Our Pantheons of Heroes:


This online class was first offered in February – April of 2016. We had participants from Canada, USA and Australia. You can read more of what participants had to say about the course here.


The next round of this online course is starting in February 2017. The class date & time will be selected in the coming weeks- if you are interested and have a preference send me a message to weigh in.


Each session runs for 2 hours. Content maps provide many more hours of additional exploration that is optional and participants are encouraged to engage as much or as little with additional exploration as feels good for them.

The course includes resource sharing, skill development and supported personal exploration. The online classroom will be a trans-centered space, where cisgender folks wishing to develop allyship capacity are welcome.

The course includes a weekly presentation of content, small group discussions and a broad selection of resources that students will be able to access through the weekly content maps. Learners will be encouraged to group into a learning pod in their own home communities if possible.

Students have opportunities to investigate ways that intersectional systems of oppression impact our lives, deconstruct toxic mythologies and connect to community resources for resilience.

This course aims to impact high suicide rates and other measures of social determinants of health amongst trans populations by connecting trans folks and our supporters with tools and each other to more effectively navigate the world and build personal and community resilience. The course places our lives, struggles, activism and resilience within a historical context where we can connect with ancestors and teachers of path.

Base tuition is  $100. Scholarships will be available to trans folks with limited financial access. Cisgender ally participants and participants with greater financial access are encouraged to support these scholarships financially. Please do not let financial barriers stand in the way of applying to participate.

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