Adult Sex-Ed Parties

Are you and your friends interested in having engaging and educational evening? Do you have questions about things like:

  • sex toys
    • dildos + strap ons
    • vibrators
    • butt plugs
  • kink
    • bondage
    • impact play like spanking, floggers and paddles
    • sensory play
    • role play
    • power play
  • gender exploration
  • threesomes + groups
  • relationship structures
    • hook-ups
    • polyamoury + other takes on non-monogamy
    • working with pros
    • online dating
    • public play, swinging + sex parties
  • safety
    • sexually transmitted infections
    • stigma
    • condoms and other barriers
    • pregnancy and protection against pregnancy
  • learning + practising good consent
  • breaking up
    • grieving
    • navigating small communities post-break up

I will come to your home where I will help facilitate discussion + serve as a resource for you and your friends.

Grab a couple bottles of wine (if that’s your style, if not that’s ok to) and have your besties over for a fun and informational evening.

Queer friendly, trans inclusive. Any gender configuration is great- best to do this with folks you feel comfortable around, or that you are wanting to build this comfort with- (I have experience and familiarity in most possible variations). Party attendees can submit questions or specific areas of interest to me via email anonymously before the party.

Standard Party is 3hrs. Locations more than 1.5 hr travel by car from Slocan, BC are subject to travel