All in A Day.

Some nights are slower going. S is For Spirit Bear, Green Eggs and Ham and an Ivan Coyote story read out loud- you are still young enough that I pick the stories. Followed by a free style mashup song of Rock-A-Bye Baby, the song the kids sing before the Nazi’s come in sound Of Music and the song that the… Read more →

Hello Darkness My Old Friend,

  It seems that while post-partum depression is widely understood to be a real phenomenon that affects lots’ of new parents, our society still sucks at dealing with it. I’ve been asked a few times lately if I’m “Doin alright?”.  The answer is, “yeah, for the most part.” Cause I have had lots of practice learning how to deal with… Read more →

Turned Up

Working in harm reduction I have heard people describe certain substances in a way that they “turn up the experience.” Some drugs will synergistically turn up the effects of others, while other substances have the ability to turn up the experience of the music, the lights, the emotions. Sometimes this amplification is a desired and desirable effect. Other times it… Read more →

My Vote of Confidence

A few months ago andi and I were having acid church in my bus house and started chatting about the topic of breeding. I had, since my miscarriage a couple of years ago mostly backed away from the plans and connections that I had had with that whole realm. I had at one time had a room in my house and… Read more →


To those who identify as “Pre-everything”, I see this a lot, especially on trans groups and on tumblr. People who have not engaged in any medical interventions that they may be hoping to someday pursue. The implication is that they are in a stage where everything that will make them who they are is yet to come. I want to… Read more →